Best skate scooter grinding wax - Wrrecked Wax made in the USA

The wax brand that gets it right!  Wrrecked Wax brings you the buttery smooth experience, without the sticky mess.  Perfect for your skate and scooter grinding needs.

Yes, we know wrrecked is spelled wrecked (not recked), but we do that on purpose.  wrrecked wax

Combination of paraffin wax and bee's wax, and a touch of dye, all to create the modern grind experience.

Wrrecked wax ingredients:

  • Paraffin wax - check here for details...
  • Bee's wax - Who doesn't love beeswax?  
  • Candle wax dye 
  • Olive oil - huh?  Helps to remove the wax from the molds

   grind wax package wrrecked grinding wax skate scooter


Wrrecked wax makes your scooter or your skateboard more slippery.  By design.  Test it carefully before going all out.

Wrrecked wax may stain fabric.  Keep it store in the bag it comes in.  Don't put it in your pocket, on the car seat, on your mom's couch.  It can stain fabric.


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