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PSS Spotlight - Shining a light on the pro scooter sport

Welcome to the Pro Scooter Shop, or PSS, Spotlight series!   This short article and video series will take on anything and everything related to the sport of Pro Scooters.   We'll start with the basics about pro scooters, and then progress to rider interviews, event highlights and other scooter stories.  Have an idea?  Hit us on Instagram or Facebook and we'll take your idea under consideration.

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Our first Spotlight will be how to unbox and set up a brand new pro scooter right out of the box.

  Here's the transcript:

Hi, I'm David and I own the Pro Scooter Shop in the Seattle area.  We're starting a new video series called the Pro Scooter Shop Spotlight.  We'll be highlighting different aspects of the pro scooter sport.

For our first article/video, we'll be unboxing this brand new Lucky Crew, show you how to unpack it, and put it together so you can go ride!

Typically you'll just need the allen wrenches that come with each new scooter, but in addition we're using a hammer and a pair of wire snips.  We recommend grabbing a Park Tool for working on your scooter.

pro scooter tool

First, you'll find is the packet with the owner's manual and a set of allen wrenches.  You'll need either a 5mm or 6mm.  This Lucky Crew scooter uses 6mm bolts on its 2-bolt clamp.

Second, notice that there are two basic 'parts' in the box; the bars/clamp (one part) and the deck/wheels/compression system (one part).  Almost every new scooter will come just like this.

Next, we unwrap the bars/clamp and the deck/wheels/compression system.  Now we have what we need to assemble the scooter.  You're minutes away from riding!

Notice that the clamp is not flush at the end with the bars.  We'll fix this in a minute.

Now I have the deck on the floor, using one foot to stabilize.  We're going to slip the bars/clamp down over the compression system, like this.  You might need to wiggle the bars a little.  Feel free gently lift and tap the front wheel on the floor to help seat the bars.  You'll know when the bar is in the right spot when the bars and clamp are sitting on top of the dust cover, actually touching the dust cover of the headset.

Now we're going to line up the deck, deck headtube, clamp and front wheel so that they're all in a straight line.  You can see in this shot that both the front wheel and the clamp are not in a line.  Using your foot, you can tap the wheel either to the right or to the left until it is in a straight line with the deck.  There, that looks pretty straight.

Now using the hammer, the soft side of the hammer, gently tap the clamp right or left until it is lined up straight.  You might need to loosen the clamp just a little to get it turn.  Only loosen it a little, thought.  Once lined up where you want it, tap the clamp down so that it sits on top of the dust cover of the headset.

There, now your scooter should be properly aligned.  Finally step is to tighten the clamp using the allen wrench.  It is important to tighten each bolt by alternating between the top and the bottom one.  Turn one  until you can feel it start to tighten.  Stop, and move to the other bolt and do the same.  Then alternate between the top and bottom, turning small quarter turns on each.  Hand tighten them, and then do on last tighten on each.

That should do it.  I do a simple test by dropping the scooter from a few inches, listening for any rattles.  Nothing rattling here, so we are good to go?

See how the front wheel and bars spin nice and smooth.



January 23, 2019 by David Power
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