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Black Friday Cyber Monday pro scooter deals

Hey, Pro Scooter people!  That time of year again when we look for the best deals right have Thanksgiving.  Here at the Pro Scooter Shop in Washington State, we don't do many deals throughout the year.  But we do participate in black Friday and Cyber Monday...a little.
This year, we'll have different deals for people that shop in our most-excellent store dedicated to the Pro Scooter sport, vs folks shopping online.  Here is our in store promotion:
 pro scooter deals black friday cyber monday
For our online shoppers, we're going to do FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed starting Friday, 11/29/2019, through Monday, 12/02/2019.  You have to use code 'FREE' at checkout.  We will not refund shipping for orders that don't use the code.
free shipping pro scooter shop
Q:  Can we get these discounts on orders before or after the dates shown?
A:  No.  Valid only on the dates provided
Q:  Why not free shipping to AK or HI?
A:  Just too expensive for our small shop to ship to those states.  Call us, though.  Maybe we can work something out.
Q:  Why doesn't PSS ship to Canada or other countries?
A:  We're just not set up at the moment to do this.  Hopefully soon, though.
Q:  Can we get the in-store discount AND free shipping?
A:  We want people to visit our shop (and check out the indoor park) so they get the in-store deals.
November 21, 2019 by David Power
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