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PSS Muk Competition

Mukilteo skatepark AKA the MUK is know as one of the best parks in the Northwest. The biggest scooter competition in Washington is held there every year and there’s always a huge turnout. The MUK has decided to do a little best trick competition on October 30th for skaters and scooters to celebrate Halloween and get everyone shredding. You can read all the little details on the flyer but here are a few things you should know!

There will be a ton of prizes from MGP, AO, Elyts, Raptor, ODI, and more! You don’t want to miss out on free stuff do you!?

There should be a ton of scooter riders there! You don’t wanna miss a chance to ride will all the other scooter riders in the NW, do you!?

It will be tons of fun! With the amount of prizes and awesome ramps the MUK has to offer it will be a great time.


If you’re in the area and the sun is out, come shred!!!