MADD Pro Scooters

MADD Gear Pro Scooters

Madd Gear has an extensive line of top quality, well designed and high-performance pro scooters along a variety levels of scooters. The MGP Madd Gear VX4 pro scooter is just about here. Their line includes the beginner,  MGP VX2 Pro Scooter, the intermediate line of MGP VX2 and VX3 Team Scooters, the intermediate to advanced lines of MGP Nitro End of Days Scooter, and the MGP Ninja 4.0 and 4.5 Scooters, as well as their most advanced pro scooter, the MGP Nitro Extreme Scooter. They have established itself as a leader in the world of pro scootering by providing all levels of pro scooters for all freestyle riders. 

They also have a new all terrain pro scooters, the MGP XT 12" and the MGP XT 6" Mini.


MGP MADD Gear Pro Scooter


MGP MADD Gear Pro Scooter

is a great brand of kick scooter that is out in the market. They originally came from Australia and is now available for purchase at the Pro Scooter Shop USA. The very popular complete Madd Gear pro scooter with different styles and colors to choose from is now available at Pro Scooter Shop. MADD gear Pro scooters are tough and built to last for riders. Browse through our website and see each MADD Gear pro scooter description and learn more about each of them. Customize your Madd gear pro scooter with different pro scooter parts like the ODI pro scooter grip.